Welcome to the official webpage of Seraphiel!

23.4.2012 - Radio Rock Starba contest part 2
Hooray! We are in the FINALS of this competition!

We are now among the top 5 of all the bands who took part in the competition in the first place. We are proud of this achievement, yet the true battle for victory will be fought on the stage of On the Rocks in Helsinki, where every band gets to play for 20 minutes in front of judges, who decide the winner.

More information about the competition in Radio Rock's website. We've also set up a Facebook event for the show.

So, now we're practicing as much as we can for this event in order make a good show.

That's all for now, folks! Rock!

2.4.2012 - Radio Rock Starba contest
Ladies and gentlemen!

We have taken part into a band contest which is hosted by the biggest rock radio channel in Finland. On 30th of March we had a chance to show what we're made of on the stage of On the Rocks - a nice venue in the centrum of Helsinki.
The gig went surprisingly well after almost two years of silence. It was also the first gig for Vesa! We'll add pictures later on.

So. We have been chosen to be one of 10 semifinalists and to get to the finals we require YOUR ASSISTANCE!
This is how you can help us:
Go to this page, log in with your Facebook account, find our ball, click on it and give us 10 stars!

We also need you to spread this link to everyone! We want to be on the finals.

There'll be instructions how to order our EP, too, as soon as we've dealt with the payment options etc!

Stay tuned!

10.1.2012 - Merry New Year and mp3's available for download!
It seems we've exceeded the download limit on SoundCloud, and as we are poor musicians we decided to upload our songs on the website.

SO! Our songs can now be downloaded in mp3-format from the Music-page. There's a link saying "mp3" next to every downloadable song, which are the songs on our new EP.

Also very merry New Year to you all, folks! Let's make this one even better than the last one. MMMmmettaaaaalllll!!1

6.12.2011 - New site and EP and all that kinda stuff released
Welcome to the new official website of Seraphiel!

Please let us know if there are any weirdo things, like broken links or so.

In addition we've released a new EP called "Euphory Amplified", which contais three kick-ass tunes.

Here's the awesome cover by Timo Paananen!

You can listen to the songs on the player.

Enjoy your stay and make sure you like us on Facebook and share our music with everyone!

Upcoming shows
None at the moment.

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